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With more than 20 years of development, Yuhua Holding has more than 20 subsidiaries, which are mainly divided into two sections: textile industry and foreign investment. It covers commercial real estate, textile and clothing, high-tech, hotel catering, mining resources and landscaping. Diversified large group companies in other fields:Inheriting the textile industry of “a hundred years of Yuhua”
As a leader in the industry, Guangzhou Yangxian International Textile Co., Ltd. was awarded the “National Knitted Women’s Fabric Base Enterprise” by the National Textile Industry Association and was awarded “China Women's Fabric Color R&D Base” by the China Fashion Color Association, ranking among the top 500 national competitiveness industries. One of the companies;


Inheriting the textile industry of “a hundred years of Yuhua”

Diversified industrial development

In Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Yuhua Holdings invested in the only five-star Hong Kong-style Cantonese restaurant in the province, the Hong Kong Li Restaurant in

Hong Kong, with a business area of 4,000 square meters, managed by a professional management team in Hong Kong; a natural and ecological garden of the group

headquarters. The landscape comes from the subsidiary Zhejiang Yuhua Garden Engineering Co., Ltd., making the group one of the few garden-style enterprises in the

province and even in the whole country.


Core corporate values: integrity, investment, teamwork, and innovation.

Integrity: The basic principle of Yuhua’s work is to treat people with sincerity, credibility, and commitment.
Investing: Choose one thing or one job and focus on it; and do your best.
Team: Any member of the team must have a sense of the overall situation, collaboration, and service. The individual and the overall interests must be united to ensure the efficient operation of the organization.